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Yilmazlar is a manufacturer of high-performance wedding ring machinery and spare parts. Our purpose is to achieve widespread use of advanced technologies needed by the ring sector providing access to even the small workshops where technology is concerned. Our products and services provide high quality solutions to wedding ring production by means of tube system leading the system to be used in a widespread manner. Presently ring machinery manufactured by Yilmazlar is used across the world adding efficiency to different processes; rendering our firm the only machinery manufacturer in seamless wedding ring production in the world.

Cutting Machine” that cuts the tube of desired dimensions precisely and automatically in a remotely controlled manner; “Hydraulic band Reduction – Enlargement Machine” that can enlarge or reduce the size of a semi manufactured ring cut off from a tube in total of 3 sizes; “Multi-Axis CNC Processing Machinery” that can produce a finished product from a tube with great precision and spare parts belonging to the machinery indicated above. Our firm is committed to standing by its products and offers free of charge product training to its customers, which it views as its partners, through the sector’s most experienced master craftsmen and engineers and as such contributes to the development of its customers by means of their manufacturing process.


To be able to provide our customers the highest quality solution in a timely manner as a global brand name.


Yilmazlar understands the requirements of its customers precisely and offers the most suitable solution by means of advanced technology and in a manner that could be utilized by any type and size of workshop and factory.

Company Values

We are irrevocably committed to be the best

Our purpose is continuous improvement

We aspire to improve the processes through our employees.

Reliability and honesty are our main principles in doing business.

Ensuring spare part availability for our products as well as providing fast service support is our priority.

We believe business outputs are obtained by team work.

Each one of our customers must feel themselves unique.

Our doors are open to everyone.


Our employees are among our most valued assets.



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